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Flying Photo Index
in reverse chronological order
an or, you can view some of the photo sets on Google Drive at:

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Malibu Invasion 2024_03-15 Photo Set pending

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Snow Day in Santa Barbara 2023_03-30 Photo Set Video
Pine 6K NS to De Anza School 2022_09-28 Photo Set  
San Cayetano Ridge Pioneer / Scout 2022_03-26 Photo Set Video
Skyport to Fillmore / Frontal Passage 2022_03-19 Photo Set  
Pine North Side to the Antelope Vly 2021_08-30    
San Roque LZ 2020_10-12 Photo Set  
OTB along Watershed Divide 2020_10-01 Photo Set  
Brotherhood NS to Summerland Polo 2020_09-30 Photo Set  
Santa Barbara 1st 100+ Mile PG Flight 2020_03-19 Photo Set Video
Pine NS and SS 2005_08-13-14 Photo Set  


There are other photo sets prior to the start date above, but they need to be indexed
they are currently only linked via the specific flight log articles.