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Amigo Incident Report Index
Note: some reorganization to the comments and incident folders was undertaken in 2/2020 that will break some of the external links pointing to the various articles from outside of paraglide.net

Incident Link yr_mo-day Pilot Location
Pine OTB Rotor Reserve Deploy 2020_11-03 Chelsea Mckenzie OTB from Pine NS Launch
Aerobatic Reserve Toss 2020_08-16 Dave Patterson Sage Hill
Crash on Launch 2019_11-22 Teague Holmes Happy Canyon
HG Structural Failure 2010_06-05 Bill Soderquist Crestline / Andy Jackson Airpark
Dehabilitating Injuries 2006_07-25 John Fletcher The Grade
L1 Compression Fracture 2003_03-30 Sharon Sweeney Bump 1 Ojai / west of Hwy 33
Spin to Ground 2001_01-20 Ron Farro Skyport